The self-assessment toolkit enables you to assess the impact of your project. This toolkit allows you (as project representatives) to input information and run the assessment yourselves. In order to do this, the toolkit combines the information collected from each project and offers an aggregated result. The process is quite straightforward.

With your login details, you can access your own data where you will find a short list of questions to be answered in order to assess the impact of your project. Some information will have to be provided by the project representative (such as who are the project stakeholders? who are the users? what technological advances have you made?), while other information will be provided by the system, based on the information gathered during our initial review phase. The Toolkit has been tested and is now available. If you have any comments or feedback, we would be happy to receive this to help improve the process where necessary.

The methodology behind the MAXICULTURE Self Assessment Toolkit has been developed upon state-of-the-art literature, shared and discussed with the DigiCult projects. Nevertheless, the SAT has been deployed over a still limited number of projects; consequently the benchmarking system remains rather self-referential and the assessment results might be highly dependent upon the characteristics of the projects that have previously (or in a given point of time) undergone such assessment.

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